Business Interruption

Insurance is intended to return your business to the same position it was in before disaster struck. Therefore, it's essential that the claim be handled quickly, efficiently, and by experts – after all, your business and its bottom line are at stake. Do not trust these matters to lawyers that do not have the experience, intellect, and resources to take on big insurance companies. Moore Law Group offers superb expertise and ability in handling extremely complex business interruption claims. Each business is unique, and each claim different. No two same cases are the same. Your lawyers have to have the firepower to quickly understand the nature of your losses, so they can help you get back in business.

How do we do this? We get into the guts of your business, quickly. We become experts in what you do, so we can help explain and litigate claims of this nature.

We track the impact of loss through your business by looking at such things as your general ledger, accounts for extra costs, and inefficiencies of operation and payroll for those not working. We carefully analyze the period of business interruption or suspension, and the causes. We frequently are called to determine what expenses you have incurred that may be recouped under the policy, versus those that cannot be. And we advise management on what course to take in an effort to further mitigates losses, to avoid argument by the insurance company that you are somehow to blame for the impact to your business. Once we have a clear understanding of your claim, we prepare financial projections and other data to present and value your interruption claim so that it may be presented to the insurance company, or a jury of they refuse to act reasonably.

We do not recommend this long, and often frustrating process distract your business. Let us do our work, so you can get back to business immediately.