Commercial Claims

Commercial insurance policies are never written with simplicity in mind. Instead, they are difficult to understand, littered with exceptions, and even the brightest business minds can miss valuable benefits policyholders are entitled to under a contract. Our firm's goal in these cases is to get your businesses back up and running – quickly – but with every benefit you are owed under the policy.  Moore Law Group understands that in business, time is money. Our lawyers have extensive experience handling the most complicated commercial cases, and can get your business up and running, while not missing out on the benefits to which you are entitled. Our lawyers handle the process from beginning to end, at no cost to you – meaning the coverage dispute mediation, settlement negotiations, claim presentation, bad faith litigation, and insurance claim appeals.

Thinking you can handle it yourself? That you and your business want to take on the insurance company, and time away from the business? Here is what our firm does in each of these matters:

  • Investigate all property damage to the building, and create detailed reports of the loss, using replacement costs and actual cash values where applicable.
  • Resolve and create valuations that may be required by coinsurance provisions (if required)
  • Determine the applicable amount of depreciation where necessary
  • Confer, consult, and recommend a course of action with your management to mitigate any losses
  • Create a detailed report of all property damage to the building's contents, meaning everything your business used to run day-to-day, top to bottom.
  • Consult with you regarding the expenses that are necessitated and recoverable under the insurance provisions
  • Prepare the claim as though we were presenting the matter to a jury, to put you in the best position to negotiate a resolution of your entire claim, while also taking into account all of the different element of damages. We also will conduct an analysis of whether you have any losses covered by your policy that were caused by the interruption of business activities.

We do not recommend this long, and often frustrating process distract your business. Let us do our work, so you can get back to business immediately.