How Much Do Construction Workers Make?

Hourly Wages in Florida Construction

  • Entry level laborers typically earn $15-18/hour
  • Skilled trades like electricians, carpenters earn $20-30/hour
  • Specialized roles involving machinery or management can make $25-40/hour

Daily Earnings on Florida Worksites

  • 8-hour days pay around $120-360 before overtime
  • Industry vets averaging 10-hour shifts take home $300-500 daily
  • Emergency jobs may allow rare 24-hour shifts at premium pay

Weekly Paycheck Potential

  • 40 hours at standard rates provides $600-1,500 weekly income
  • Consistently working overtime increases this to $2,000+
  • Hazardous jobs commanding safety premiums pay even higher

Monthly Salary Outlook

  • Factoring vacations, salaries average $2,500-6,000 Monthly
  • Experienced veterans on large projects clear over $8,000 gross

Annual Income Possibilities

  • Florida’s year-round work yields $30,000-100,000 annually
  • Specialized trades and contractors with employees exceeding 6 figures

Overall the opportunities here are huge – just come see me about your skills and goals. Together we’ll map the perfect next steps for your construction career in paradise! With perseverance and passion, the sky truly is the limit down here in the Sunshine State.

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The income figures I’ve shared are based on comprehensive compensation research and studies from reputable sources:

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics regularly surveys wage data from employers across industries. Their 2020 figures show the average hourly wage for construction laborers in Florida was $16.91, with the top 10% earning over $23/hr.

This aligns with research from staffing firm RC Staffing showing Florida laborer jobs paying $15-18/hr currently. They place hundreds annually across the state.

Construction supervisors in Florida make a median wage of $28.45/hour or $59,130 annually, reports the Associated General Contractors of America referencing Federal data. Experienced project managers clear six figures.

Commercial construction brings higher pay too – United Rentals job postings showed project coordinators starting around $25/hr plus bonuses when They spoke with their HR folks local to Orlando.

Building commercial plazas puts weekly wages anywhere from $1,000 to 2,000 pretty standard depending on role and hours worked. Subcontractors they’ve collaborated with report solid $80-120k annual schedules too.

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