Hurricane Claims

Hurricane losses are frequently devastating, and oftentimes it is difficult to catalog with precision everything you and your family have lost – it's not uncommon to lose everything following the destruction of a hurricane. We understand these claims, and can help you and your family navigate the claims process.

Following a hurricane loss, like with any loss, we recommend that you immediately report the event to your carrier – even if they tell you there's no need to do so.

Resist the urge to immediately clean up the affected area, and instead document as much as you possibly can with photographs and video. Smartphones now have the capability to record high quality photos and video, and can provide valuable evidence to the claims process.

After you have let folks know you are safe, and are certain the extreme weather has passed, use your camera or other recording equipment to document the exterior of your structure, foundation, windows, walls, siding, roofs including vents, skylights, solar equipment, stucco, paint, trim, fascia, gutters, exterior lights, air conditioning units, planters, patio furniture, decks, grills, play equipment, sheds, pools, and anything else that is outside of your property. Photograph every room, the front, sides, and back of your structure, and try to get different photographs from differing elevations – if it is possible to do so safely!

If your claim is not paid quickly and fairly, contact us so that we may determine your rights, which vary from state to state. Many states require the insurance company to pay your attorney fees if you have to take legal action to obtain full payment on your insurance claim. Moore Law Group, will help you put the pieces of your life back together, at no cost to you and your family. Let us help you and your family.